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About Art from the Heart
 Drawing & painting have always been a part of my life with my grandmother, being my greatest influence & mentor!
Her love of painting flowers & birds were a big influence.

My early years were spent in Manomet, Mass as my dad was a lobsterman, and hence, the love of painting seascapes came from my nautical side.
My post graduate years were spent in the crisp autumn fall of NH & VT & eventually, Roanoke VA where I've made my home. The beauty of the mountains are reflected in a lot of the canvases I've painted.

In 2006, I started Art from the Heart, with the goal of making my artwork & murals available on consignment. 
In Dec, 2017, I opened up an Art Gallery & Paint Studio to the general public, offering not only canvas paintings & artworks but also offering painting and crafting classes.   
Susan Thompson, artist & owner
S Thompson painting clouds
My goal, be it a mural or canvas, is for the viewer to feel like they could be part of that picture. If I can strike that kind of emotion; that connection, than I feel I've accomplished my mission!
When you find something that you love to do, you'll NEVER work another day!  
It is such an honor for me when someone feels a connection with one of my pieces of artwork!

Every painting is a part of me that someone takes with them.

What better profession could one have?
I am blessed!